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Codes & Inspections

The National Electrical Code, the NFPA LIfe Safety Code and OSHA require that schools and colleges, healthcare and assisted living facilities, hotels/motels and restaurants, retail shops, municipal buildings and other public facilities must be equipped with life safety equipment. These codes are far-reaching and require that every emergency lighting unit be checked for 30 seconds monthly and 90 minutes annually. Record keeping logs are required and are subject to review by inspectors.

Our Inspection Services

As an independent, full-service organization, our regular inspections of your facility include the following:

Remember: Our experienced technicians are non-commissioned and have no incentive to sell you parts or services that are not necessary.

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We will be happy to visit your site and survey your critical life safety products at no charge. We will give you a competitive price for superior service that will ensure the safety of your facility.

Would Your Life Safety Products Comply With Codes and Pass Inspections?

Various federal, state, and local codes (including NFPA Life Safety Code, National Electrical Code, and OSHA) are perfectly clear: emergency lighting equipment and portable fire extinguishers must be properly installed and maintained to be code compliant.

What do the codes require?
What do the codes include?
What about fire extinguishers?
When will they visit me?

Do your emergency lighting units and fire extinguishers meet code requirements?

Would your emergency lighting provide for safe and orderly egress to building occupants in the event of an emergency?

Do your designated employees perform the required monthly "Quick Checks" on your fire extinguishers?