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AC/DC Central Systems

Do you have an old DC central system on site? Let us upgrade an existing 12-120 volt DC system to “brand new” condition with our state-of-the-art retrofit charger plate and new maintenance-free emergency lighting system batteries.

This upgrade yields substantial cost savings when compared with the installed cost of adding two-headed emergency lighting units throughout a facility. System wattage output can also be increased, if required, and all existing supervisory and zone relay controls remain as before.

Why Should I Test AC Inverter System?

AC inverter systems are tested under full load and each battery string and/or individual battery is checked at specific time intervals. With regular service visits, we can confirm system operation and determine with reasonable accuracy the remaining life of the batteries. This helps your budgeting – there are no major unexpected repairs – and your equipment meets code requirements and will work when it must!

Regular maintenance and testing of these units is critical for two major reasons: one bad battery can damage others if not caught quickly, and if the unit fails, a large portion of the building or the entire structure will be without emergency backup in the event of a blackout or other emergency.

Let Us Help You

Let us show you how to safeguard your facilities with the finest central AC inverter systems. These systems incorporate the most sophisticated designs to ensure long life and reliability. But, like other emergency lighting products, they must be checked periodically to satisfy code requirements and ensure that all is well.

Life Safety Service & Supply is often called upon even by licensed electrical contractors to check AC inverter systems for their clients. They know that we know the business best!

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