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Case Study - Hamden Public Schools in Hamden, CT

Emergency Lighting - Can You Maintain Your Equipment?

Every maintenance and electrical department faces a long list of responsibilities every day. But too often, they do not have the staff, the training, the experience and the time to fulfill all of their obligations.

That's why we're here! Life Safety Service & Supply works with maintenance, facilities and electrical departments like yours to provide regular and proper maintenance of emergency lighting equipment, including central DC and AC inverter systems, unit equipment and exit signs. We offer economical maintenance contracts to our clients, who can now be assured that their emergency lighting equipment is up-to-date and ready to provide a means of safe egress in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

Who We Are

Life Safety Service & Supply is an independent service organization with a staff of fully-trained and experienced emergency lighting technicians. We work with institutions (schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, etc.), and commercial and industrial facilities where emergency lighting is required to provide safe egress in the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency. Much of our business is with facilities like yours, where maintenance and electrical departments are understaffed, overworked and often have difficulty maintaining their emergency lighting equipment in accordance with prevailing code requirements.

Is your emergency lighting equipment properly and regularly maintained?
Does it comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101?
Is it as up-to-date as it should be?
Will your emergency lighting provide building occupants with a means of safe egress when needed?"

Why Outsource?

Emergency lighting equipment is the ideal product category for a third party maintenance contract. Outsourcing the maintenance of emergency lighting equipment with an expert firm like Life Safety Service & Supply is economical and labor-saving, while assuring that emergency lighting equipment will work when you need it.

Several years ago, the Deputy Director of Facilities for the Hamden Public School System in Hamden, Connecticut, reviewed the emergency lighting equipment and systems. It was clear that improvements needed to be made. However, those improvements could only occur with the help of an expert outside emergency lighting service organization.

With a small amount of staff, the Facilities Department had too many responsibilities and could not properly maintain its emergency lighting equipment. Frank Caraglio, Deputy Director of Facilities recalls, "It was most important to do a regular quality inspection of emergency lighting equipment and systems, but even with a full-time staff, we had too many responsibilities and could not properly maintain the emergency lighting equipment ourselves."

We have more than one building that are under contract with Life Safety Service & Supply," says Frank. Some buildings are more than 30 years old, with emergency lighting equipment fed from old wiring. We cannot take any chances with our emergency lighting"

Be Up-To-Date, Reliable and Dependable

The Town of Hamden has had a maintenance contract with Life Safety Service & Supply for several years. Because they have that contract, says Frank, they can be assured that all of their emergency lighting equipment is up-to-date and will work properly in the event of an emergency.

With a full time staff and several hundred children's lives in their hands, life safety is a big issue. With the help of Life Safety Service & Supply, the town of Hamden can be assured that its emergency lighting equipment is what it should be: up-to-date, reliable and dependable every time there is an emergency.

Frank Caraglio says that Life Safety Service & Supply has "taken a big burden" off of the electrical staff. Staff electricians were not properly trained to maintain emergency lighting systems. As a result, many emergency lighting units and exit signs did not work. Contractors had installed units that met existing code requirements, but without proper and regular maintenance, there was no assurance that systems would work when needed. The Electrical Department had also been downsized, which compounded the problem.

Prompt & Reliable Service

"We have a lot of responsibilities," says Frank. "Emergency lighting equipment needs regular attention and we cannot do it ourselves. We know our limitations. Life Safety Service & Supply responds quickly and removes a tremendous burden from us."

Life Safety Service & Supply offers prompt service, with the capability to retrofit and upgrade existing emergency lighting equipment. The upgrading process often involves gutting the original old electronics portion of DC systems and replacing it with a new state-ot-the-art charger and assembly in the same cabinet. All existing zone relay controls and supervisory panels remain as originally installed and existing batteries are replaced with maintenance-free batteries to complete this installation, which utilizes all existing cabinetry and supervisory controls.

As Frank Caraglio says, "With the help of Life Safety Service & Supply, we know that our students and staff are safe in the event of a power outage or other emergency. Without a full maintenance contract for our emergency lighting systems, we did not know if our emergency lighting equipment would work when needed. Now we know for sure - and this department is freed up to handle many other responsibilities."

Let Us Help You

Life Safety Service & Supply works with schools and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, municipalities, commercial and industrial facilities and fire inspectors to be sure that emergency lighting equipment is properly specified, installed and maintained.

We will work with you to maintain, upgrade or expand your emergency lighting capabilities.

When was the last time your emergency lighting equipment was checked?

Would your units pass an inspection today?

Would they provide a safe means of egress for your building occupants in the event of a power outage, fire or other emergency?

Call Drew Marchetti at Life Safety Service & Supply today for your no-obligation appointment for a complete evaluation of your emergency lighting equipment.

Get the facts on a maintenance contract that could save the day!