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The Importance of Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting and exit signs are a must for commercial buildings, big and small. Certainly there are economic factors that come into play when businesses decide how to best implement emergency lighting and signs.

emergency lighting

As mentioned, a lot of this is mandatory. OSHA regulates things like emergency lighting in commercial buildings. For example, exit signs must be located in an area that highlights an unobstructed exit from the building.

We should all know why emergency lighting is needed. It starts with safety. If there is a power outage, stairwells still need to remain passible, if possible. Emergency lighting in stairwells and hallways can calm nerves during a power outage. More importantly, emergency lighting should illuminate those areas during an actual emergency, making it easier for people to evacuate the building. This is another reason emergency exit signs should be internally or externally illuminated. The latter means the sign’s light source is contained outside of the device. It’s often incandescent or florescent lighting. Internal illumination means the sign’s lighting is contained inside the actual sign.

Emergency lighting is also valuable to fire crews and search & rescue teams called to the scene during an emergency such as a fire.

Many commercial buildings have emergency lighting and signs from different companies and manufacturers. This can mean different voltage chargers, lamps, batteries and other parts. There is a lack of consistency. Plus, who is testing and maintaining this equipment?

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This is where Life Safety Service & Supply can help. A service contract with Life Safety Service and Supply</a> means removing some of the confusion over who is handling all the emergency lighting and exit signs. Life Safety Service and Supply will handle all of the emergency lighting equipment for your commercial building and do so at an affordable price. The price of safety is never too high.