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Fire Extinguisher Locations

Kitchen FiresWinter is always a good time of year to remind people of the importance of putting fire extinguishers in home and businesses. Yet, as important as it is to have extinguishers, it’s also very important to know where those extinguishers should be placed in the home.

Let’s start with a little common sense when it comes to home fire prevention. The extinguishers should be placed in areas that are accessible within seconds. Place them in easy-to-grab spots, near exits.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends having at least one fire extinguisher on every floor of the home.

The first location should be the kitchen. More than half of all fires in the home begin in the kitchen. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration says kitchens are the place where fires most often start in a home. If a fire extinguisher is easily available, most grease fires can quickly be contained. However, not where not to put the fire extinguisher is also important. Do not store the extinguisher near a stove or oven. Keep it near a door near the kitchen. This should keep it away from danger areas while also making it easily accessible.

Many home fires happen during the overnight hours. This is why the master bedroom is a good place to store a fire extinguisher.

If your home has a garage, large or small, make sure a fire extinguisher is kept there and is easily accessible. In addition to housing our cars, a garage is often used as a storage facility. It is not uncommon for paints and building materials to be left in a garage without giving it a second thought. These things can spark a fire. The best location to mount a fire extinguisher in the garage is near the door.

Fire extinguishers in business locations are also vital. Life Safety Service & Supply has experienced service technicians who work with building owners to ensure fire extinguishers are in the proper locations and are up to code.