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Rest Easy Knowing your Emergency Lights are Fully Operational & Code Compliant

Businessman relaxing with hands behind his headEvery maintenance and electrical department faces a long list of responsibilities every day. But, too often, they do not have the staff, the training, the experience and the time to fulfill all of their obligations.

That’s why we’re here! Life Safety Service & Supply works with maintenance, facilities and electrical departments like yours to provide regular and proper maintenance of emergency lighting equipment including central DC and AC inverter systems, unit equipment and exit signs. We offer economical maintenance contracts to our clients, who can now be assured that their emergency lighting equipment is up-to-date and ready to provide a means of safe egress in the event of a power outage or other emergency.

Please read these statements from our clients.

Life Safety Service inspects and maintains the emergency lighting in all 13 of our buildings. Attempts to maintain the emergency lighting using in-house personnel proved to be inefficient and not cost effective. Using Life Safety frees our staff for other essential services and maintains the integrity of our emergency lighting as well as providing code compliance and documentation.

Maintaining the emergency lighting unit equipment and the central systems in-house proved to be a daunting task. Life Safety now maintains all the equipment in all of our facilities. Their expertise has provided us with the assurance that our emergency lighting is operable in the event of an outage, as well as code compliance. Life Safety has worked in conjunction with the local Fire Marshal to meet all local requirements and documentation.